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    Hello ThousandStar:

    Thanks for entering.

    Information same as last year?




    Reply from thousandstar:

    Dennis McGraw
    Rt. 4 Box 33
    Fayetteville, WV 25840

    I love reading the poem posts. Great contest!
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    As i was reading through posts today I see you are in West Virginia. I am in Ashland KY. I too started with junkers and am currently on rod #12 a Garrison 209. Thank goodness for this web site as I pretty much learned what I know from what I learned here. What rods have you built? favorites? Do you have an oven? a dip tube? I am still trying new methods but havent built a dip tube or an oven.


    Reply from thousandstar:

    Hi, Kyfisher
    I use the Sir D method of heat treating, the propane torch. I also use a baby droper to pour on the varnish (I'm not 100% satisifed with this and I'm thinking about making a dip tube. I also am working on a Garrison 209E. My favorite rod is a Paul Young Midge 6'3" 4wt. I truly love that rod. On small creeks it is a dream. I've caught myself only fishing small creeks so that I can use that rod. I also really like the Sir D 7ft 4wt. That is a really nice rod. I made a Dickerson 8013 for larger water and I'm not really impressed.
    I'm working on a bevelor that is in this months issue of Powerfibers. I should have it up and running by next week. I'll let you know how that works out.